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USA Dance National Bylaws

Version 2016

494 KB
2016 DanceSport Rulebook

2016 DanceSport Rulebook - April 2016

1.72 MB
Syllabus Guidebook 2016A

A supplement to the DanceSport Rulebook provided by USA Dance University for developing Syllabus Compliant Competition Choreography and Groupings for all Medalist Levels and Disciplines

2.88 MB
Abuse and Harassment Policy Guidelines

Guide to ethical and appropriate behaviors for our volunteers

22.1 KB
Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics for USA Dance Officers & Board Members

12.7 KB
Conflict of Interest Policy 124.7 KB
Media Policy

Policy on handling media inquiries and contacts

95.4 KB
Neutrality Policy

Guide to maintaining a neutral position

404.3 KB
Nominations & Election Policy

Policy on how campaigning and candidate endorsements are conducted - GC 2004

109.3 KB
Policy on Photography & Videography at National Championships

Current policy applicable to USA Dance National DanceSport Championship

195 KB

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