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The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF)

covers the interests of more than 4 Millions athletes on 5 continents. It monitors the development of competitive dancing throughout the world and initiates close ties between people and nations.


Click here for WDSF Competition Rules - June 2014

WDSF Athletes

ID Cards - $15

Process for WDSF ID Application

The procedure for processing WDSF ID cards is as follows:


  1. Go online to:,
  2. Click on ATHLETES.
  3. Click on ID-Card.
  4. Click on start here and it will take you to the WDSF ID-Card Application Form.
  5. For new ID card applications, ignore the “WDSF Member ID Number” leave blank. If you have a MIN number, please enter on this line.
  6. On the “National License Number” line, enter your USA Dance membership number.
  7. Print Completed Application

WITH THE PRINTED APPLICATION (Form contains 2 pages)

  1. Signature of athlete required at the bottom of both pages.
  2. Scan each page separately in jpg format.
  3. One digital color passport head photo required in jpg, at least 330 x 400px (must have light, solid color background).
  4. Scan athlete's passport in color and jpg format. (Note, must be passport - driver’s license not acceptable.)

NOTE: If the athlete is a minor:

  • Signature of parent or legal guardian, required on page two (2).
  • Scan parents' or legal guardian's passport, in color and jpg format and send with athlete’s passport.

After completing the online process:


  1. Pay online using our store [link]
  2. Print your receipt and scan it
  3. You may also mail payment by check for $15.00 US dollars made payable to USA Dance.


​You may scan all documents in jpg format, plus payment receipt and email (remember the photo has very specific size requirements, 330 x 400px minimum) here

Include: signed application (both pages) - color copy of passport(s) - color photo - copy of receipt.

Please call if you have any questions or have issues with any of the online procedures (Stan Andrews 217.454.8879).

Mail all documents to the address below. Mailing documents and payment will take several days to complete your application for a WDSF ID. All documents must be received before the application process can be completed and accepted by WDSF.

Mailing address:
Stan Andrews
11 Southern Drive
Decatur, IL 62521
Questions: 217.454.8879

WDSF Officials

Current WDSF Adjudicator, Professional Division, and Chairman License Renewal

Do not pay these fees if you are applying for a WDSF License. You must have been approved by the DanceSport Council. You may apply by contacting: Bill Davies, VP of DanceSport- email:

WDSF License - $125 USD

If you currently hold a WDSF License and would like to renew.

Professional Division License - $125 USD

If you currently hold a Professional Division License and would like to renew.

Chair License - $60 USD

If you currently hold a WDSF Chair License and would like to renew.

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