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Who to Contact

DanceSport Council
Chair: Bill Davies, DanceSport VP

USA Dance and your representatives to the DanceSport Council

The DanceSport Council is the competitive division of USA Dance. The Chairman of the Council is the Vice President for Dancesport. There are several representatives of Athlete membership involved on the DanceSport Council.

DanceSport Delegate
Each Delegate must be a Championship Amateur Athlete. The DanceSport Delegates are your representatives to the national USA Dance administration and they are on both the DanceSport Council and the Governing Council of USA Dance. These Delegates must be Championship Amateur Athletes. If you need DanceSport representation contact any of the DanceSport Delegates listed below.

Vice President for DanceSport
Bill Davies,

Dancesport Delegates Roger Greenawalt, Champion Voting Athlete Delegate Inna Brayer, Champion Voting Athlete Delegate Carole Barber, Champion Voting Athlete Delegate Irina Feingold, Champion Voting Athlete Delegate Todd Kirrane, DanceSport Delegate & Competitor Support (Observers Program)

DanceSport Secretary: Stan Andrews

Certification Committee

Chair: Wayne Crowder,
The Certification Committee is responsible for adjudication applications and training as well as those instructors wishing to acquire certified teaching credentials.

Eligibility & Proficiency Points Committee

Chair: Sterling Sightler, MD,
The Eligibility Committee is responsible for processing issues related to Eligibility for the National Championships. Questions relating to Proficiency Points should be directed to this email.

Competition Committee

Chair: Ann Durocher,
The Competition Committee is responsible for regulating Dancesport Competitions and providing assistance to competition organizers.

Rules & Reinstatement Committee

Chair: Sterling Sightler, MD,
The Rules Committee is primarily responsible for answering questions about and proposing changes to the USA Dance Rulebook. Interested persons who wish to have a rule in the Rulebook explained and/or changed should contact the Chair of the committee. Further, this committee is responsible for investigating complaints against Amateur Competitors and evaluating requests from Amateur Competitors who wish to engage in restricted activities. This committee is responsible for processing applications from former Professionals who wish to be reinstated as Amateur Competitors.

Sports Liaison Committee

Chair: Inna Brayer,
The Sports Liaison Committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with all USA Olympic sports organizations which encourage DanceSport.

Anti-Doping Committee

Chair: Jim Crowell, MD,
The Anti-Doping Committee is responsible for formulating, implementing, and administering the USA Dance anti-doping rules.

National Championships Organizing Committee

Chair: Stan Andrews,
The National Championships Organizing Committee is primarily responsible for facilitating and administering the USA Dance National Championships.

Junior Athlete Parents Committee

Chair: Todd Kirrane,
Represents the interests of Pre-Teen, Junior and Youth athletes in DanceSport

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