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Chapter Marketing Program

Eighty Thousand Visitors per Month!!

Build your dance attendance, membership and volunteer base!

Each day, more and more people are going on the Internet for the first time looking for information about their interests. They use search engines like Google, AOL, MSN and Yahoo to find what they need.

At the last USA Dance governing council meeting, our board approved an expanded partnership with Dance Notions LLC, owner and operator of the popular ballroom website that is often found when people go looking for ballroom in their local city.

Now, all of our chapters can take advantage of the fantastic marketing opportunity that exists through 80,000 site visitors a month will see the option to check out your chapter - you'll have them waltzing in the door.

Click here for a features overview of the program.

Bronze - Every chapter gets this automatically without having to do anything! This program maximizes your chapter's exposure on the Internet by listing it on and allows people - and potential members - to click through from there to your webiste or contact your appointed contact person directly by email!

Silver - We're also expanding our database to include more news, events and activities and much, much more. This will enable us to cross-market and promote USA Dance Chapter activities and information on multiple places at once. This is a fabulous oportunity to showcase your chapter's activities and enhance your public outreach! (Silver does require active participation on your chapter's part so you'll need to appoint a manager for this program.)

Gold - Chapters have the option of a full website as part of this program! Our new AccessDance ChapterSite is simple to use, allows for easy transfer from one board to the next and has the tech support of Dance Notions behind it so help is only a phone call away. (Gold does require active participation on your chapter's part so you'll need to appoint a manager for this program.)

There is no cost associated to these services for our chapters. This is another support service being paid for by nationals to help our chapters grow and develop.

To get started

To get started, contact Dance Notions by using their Contact Form on

Also, feel free to setup your personal account at As an officer, you will use this to gain access to services for your chapter.

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