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Chapter Services

USA Dance provides a number of support resources to our Chapters. This Chapter Services page is designed to allow quick access for chapter officers to the services and resources available to them.

  • Chapter Marketing Program supported by the AccessDance Network - This is a marketing and communications service for our chapters. Access to chapter membership reports, Advertising to get more members and even a full, stand alone website service if you need it.
    • Program Quick Sheet - Click here for a pdf that shows the features available at the different levels of the program (all at no cost to your chapter).
    • AccessDance Help Page - Click Here for video tutorials on the new Chapter Marketing Program, how to use, help in determining which option will work best for your chapter and how to get started.
    • Chapter Membership Reports - This area restricted to approved chapter officers who have a need for the list to accomplish their tasks for the chapter, i.e. President, Treasurer, Membership Coor. etc - Access for authorized chapter officers to membership reports will be via the AccessDanceNetwork portal you use for USA Dance Chapter Marketing management (see details under Chapter Marketing Program on availability of free website)
      • If you do not yet have an account for the services available through AccessDance, click here to create an account. If you are able to log in, but need additional access to the restricted membership area, contact Central Office via email at to request access authorization. You must provide chapter name and number along with your name and title.
  • Document Library - This is a restricted area for use by Chapter Board members only - contact Central Office if you do not have a passkey, Provide your chapter name and number along with your name and title. The document library offers guidance on chapter management, record keeping, promotion, hosting special events, ideas to grow membership, volunteer base and attendance and much more.
  • Forms and Resources This section is on the public side of the website and contains rules, policies and bylaws as well as a current membership application form and other flyers

Contact Central Office by phone at 800-447-9047 or email: if you have additional questions.

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