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WDSF Technical Examiners

WDSF Technical Examiners
The World DanceSport Federation Technical Examiners Congress in Slovenia, November 2015.


Contact: Angela Prince, National Public Relations Director 704-507-2699

World DanceSport Federation Announces Official Certification of

Ken Richards, Viktoriya Drubetskaya as WDSF Technical Examiners

In November 2015, the World DanceSport Federation’s DanceSport Academy welcomed 10 candidates to Ljubjana, Slovenia for the first-ever WDSF Technical Examiner’s Course and Exam. Seven countries were represented -- Russia, the Netherlands, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Serbia and the United States. The WDSF proudly announces that two participants from the United States passed the three-day course and examination and are now officially certified as WDSF Technical Examiners -- Ken Richards of Delaware and Viktoriya Drubetskaya of New York.

As a result, Mr. Richards and Ms. Drubetskaya have become the first WDSF Technical Examiners in the Americas. Mr. Richards is DanceSport vice president for USA Dance, a professional ballroom and latin dance instructor and studio owner. Ms. Drubetskaya is a well-known WDSF-licensed adjudicator and highly accomplished professional dancer, having achieved UK Open Professional Rising Star Finalist, USA Professional Rising Star Champion and U.S. and World Mambo Champion. As an amateur dancer, she was a U.S. Amateur Latin finalist.

The primary purpose of the WDSF Technical Examiners Course is to upgrade the technical entry standard for all future WDSF trainers and new applicants for WDSF Adjudicator's License, as well as offer a structured certification system through WDSF for all member bodies. (There are currently 92 countries around the world designated as WDSF member bodies to govern DanceSport in their countries.) WDSF Certified examiners can officially conduct WDSF Technical examinations in Standard and Latin for candidates from any WDSF member body.

Mr. Richards further recognized that Universal Ballroom Dance Center in New Jersey, studio owned by Adjudicator/Instructor/Invigilator Sandra Fortuna, has become the first dance studio in America to adopt exclusively the new WDSF syllabus for all instruction and programs.


The WDSF Technical Examiner’s Course content is based on the WDSF Technique Books, one each for the Standard and Latin dances. Each book contains general and specific principles unique to each dance. The final examination consists of three modules -- a written technical exam, and practical exams in both Standard and Latin.

In Slovenia, the WDSF Technical Examiner’s Course occurred over a three-day period. During the first two days, the participants were instructed on all the new nuances of the WDSF Technique Books and how they were developed. In Slovenia, the Latin section was led by Natasha Ambroz of Slovenia and Standard by Fabio Bosco of Italy. On the third day, the exams were taken.

During the Course lectures, the participants danced with other participants, while exploring the new updated steps of the WDSF Syllabus. They also learned about the scientific studies conducted in the course of writing the Technical Manuals, along with the history and objectives behind the books.

As Viktoriya Drubetskaya explained, “The lecturers were deeply knowledgeable not only in the new WDSF books, but also in history of what came before such as ISTD and Walter Laird technique books. In fact, the books themselves were written with a great respect of what came before, but also with the new influences included.”

For dancers interested in learning more about the differences, the new WDSF Standard books include new sections describing in detail Rotation, Extension, Sway, Rise and Fall; while Latin includes innovations in describing Couple Position, Hip Design and Actions and Upper Body Actions.

USA Dance acknowledges that both of its candidates participated at their own expense to bring this new knowledge back to the USA and become the genesis of a new examination system inside of new USA Dance University.

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WDSF Announces Official Certification of Ken Richards, Viktoriya Drubetskaya as WDSF Technical Examiners [Download]
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