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Chapter 6049 celebrates National Ballroom Month

National Ballroom Month.

Fox 4 Morning Blend in Ft. Myers area. Carol Davis and Tracey Edwards promoting Ball for S. W. Florida chapter, 6049

Wild Bill show for NBM Celebration for Chapter 6049. 3 hour early morning show. Ballroom dancing by 6 couples.

Members met at 5:30 am to promote ballroom dancing with the Wild Bill show at Aki's studio, a supporter of USA Dance.

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Wild Bill with Salsa Dancers at National Ballroom Dance Week

Billie Porter and Nery Garcia, USA Dance members of chapter 6049 share their Salsa dance with 'Wild Bill' on the Wild Bill Road show on Fox 4 Sept 22, 6"00 AM.Bille and Nery were special guests of Carol Davis, president of chapter 6049. What a great way to share USA Dance and our young people. See "dancing' is not for only gramma and grampa's. Come and dance with us.

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