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Help Our Athletes - Donate To USA Dance World Team Athlete Development Fund

Help Our Athletes - Donate To USA Dance World Team Athlete Development Fund

Read more about this exciting program and how you can Support United States Dancers Competing At The Highest Levels


Every year at the National DanceSport Championships USA Dance crowns new champions who will be representing the United States at the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) world championship competitions around the globe. Some of these dancers are only 14 years of age or even younger, and they will be participating in their first world championship. This is a daunting experience for any athlete, but particularly for those who have never faced the challenge of competing against the best dancers from up to 90 other nations that make up the World DanceSport Federation.

USA Dance has recently established a WORLD TEAM ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT FUND to help our top athletes, and one of our major goals is to develop an ELITE WORLD TEAM DANCE CAMP where our world team members will be able to attend workshops in nutrition, injury prevention, conditioning and sports psychology, while also working with their own coaches in an environment conducive to their further development as elite athletes.

Such an environment exists at the training centers of the United States Olympic Committee, and USA Dance’s membership in and recognition as the National Governing Body of DanceSport by the USOC allows us the opportunity to use the Olympic training centers and their highly trained staff at a cost that is only a fraction of that available to the general public.

USA Dance has initiated a campaign to raise funds for organizing this elite dance camp for our world team members in the Junior II, Youth and Adult divisions. It will be held at the USOC Training Center in Lake Placid, New York, where both athletes and their coaches will stay for three to four days, living in the dormitories and having all their meals in the Olympic cafeteria, alongside Olympic athletes who train at the center year round. The Olympic training center staff will conduct the workshops, and athletes will be able to use the facilities and resources at the training center, and will have practice time with their coaches in the Olympic gymnasium.

Please help prepare our dancers become the best they can be as they go abroad to represent the United States at the WDSF World Championships.

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