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2018 Annual General Meeting Announcement
2018 Annual General Meeting Announcement and Agenda
2018 Nationals Meeting Invitation
Invitation to attend meetings being held at the 2018 USA Dance National Championships.
2017 Chapter & Volunteer of the Year Award
Chapter and Volunteer of the year announcement for 2017.
2018 Professional Congresses & Examinations
WDSF AJS 3.0 and Chairman's Congresses to be held at the 2018 USA Dance National DanceSport Championships. Technical examinations will also be available.
USA Dance Social Dance Council has awarded USA Dance Chapter of the Year to Southwest Florida Chapter 6049/District 9 and Volunteer of the Year to Dorit Tomandl, Heartland (IN) Chapter 2022.
Melissa Dexter Appointed as VP for Professional Council
This is a new division within our organization which will be addressing a wide range of subjects concerning professionals, such as education and competitions.

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