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Seeking Social VP Applicants

May 16, 2017

Notice to USA Social Dance Members

Seeking a Volunteer to Serve 2017 - 2020 as Vice President for Social Dance for USA Dance, Inc.

The position of Vice President – Social Dance, USA Dance, Inc. President, Glenn Weiss is requesting interested and qualified candidates submit their resumes, vision and bios for consideration to Any dance member in good standing may apply to this position. The ByLaws specifically address the situation when an officer position becomes vacated. Below is a summary of the ByLaw process:


1. Upon vacancy the President has ten days to send out an email notification of the vacancy along with a request for applications to the membership (President or designee may do this). Email must be used. Other channels may be used in addition to email.

2. Upon email notification being sent the President must wait a minimum of ten days before appointing a replacement.

3. Applications should be sent to the President or their designee.

4. President reviews all applications prior to appointing a replacement.

5. The President may then appoint a replacement subject to ratification by the GC.


The position of Vice President for Social Dance is a volunteer position. The membership categories that will be involved in upcoming elections of the Vice President for Social Dance will be determined by the GC in conjunction with the newly appointed Vice President for Social Dance. Once the membership categories for these elections have been determined an announcement will be made to the membership. Vice President for Social Dance shall act as the Chairman of the Social Dance Council and oversee and guide the administration and development of Social Dance Council in the United States in accordance with policies of the GC; submit annual business plan and budget to the President and Treasurer; preside at the Social Dance Council meetings and call meetings as needed; be an ex-officio member of all Social Dance committees and have such other duties and responsibilities as prescribed in the Parliamentary Authority and/or designated by the President, EC or GC. In addition, the Vice President for Social Dance will coordinate and communicate with Chapters and Social Dance organizations as USA Dance, Inc., expands within the dance community.


The duties of the Vice President for Social Dance shall include but not be limited to the following: oversee the budget, develop the Social Dance Council in accordance with USA Dance Strategic Growth Plan, oversee activities of the Social Dance Council and its committees; oversee the development of the Social Dance outreach, encourage and foster the growth of Social Dance within USA Dance, Inc, work to develop the health benefits of Social Dance internally and external to USA Dance, Inc., engage regions and chapters in continued support of programs offered to youth, developing strategies to engage members, integrating with the Director of Membership and the Chapter Relations Director. Additional duties shall include representing USA Dance, Inc., in other professional meetings if directed by the President, EC or GC and performing such other duties and activities as assigned by the President, EC or GC.


As a senior elected official of USA Dance, the Vice President should have substantial management and administrative experience in order to execute the duties of the position, including managing the budget, providing inspirational vision and leadership. The VP for Social Dance must have significant knowledge of Social Dance environments, including the organization of Social Dance and social outreach. Significant experience as a social dancer is essential. The Vice President of Social Dance must have excellent verbal and written communication skills so as to be able to communicate the goals and mission of USA Dance, Inc., including the growth of USA Dance, Inc., and dance as a social and sports endeavor. The Vice President of Social Dance must be able to work cooperatively within all levels of the USA Dance organization and provide advice as well as direction on Social Dance local and chapter issues.

Please submit your response via email to no later than 5/28/2017.

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