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USA DANCE ANNOUNCEMENT Regarding WDSF Competition Rules Correction of Website Statement 6-24-14

To All USA Dance DanceSport Championship Athletes:

The WDSF today has issued a correction and an apology for its omission of the following information regarding recent changes to the WDSF Competition Rules. Please reference the WDSF website for complete information.

"An article on amendments to the Competition Rules published here last week failed to make reference to the fact that enforcement of the Rule B.2.3 is left to the discretion of each WDSF National Member Body.

"The rule refers to the eligibility of athletes to compete in major WDSF Competitions. To be eligible to compete in World Championships, GrandSlams and in games (such as The World Games, Asian Games, World DanceSport Games, etc.), an athlete may - at the discretion of his or her WDSF National Member Body - be required to have competed exclusively in the WDSF Competition System in the 12 months leading up to the respective event.

"WDSF Communications apologises for this mistake."

Please note that USA Dance remains steadfast in its established policy regarding athletes' and adjudicators' freedom to participate, and we reiterate our position set forth in our June 19, 2014 Official Statement:

“USA Dance will not restrict or prohibit its DanceSport athletes from participating in their sport nor ban or penalize any athletes for engaging in the free participation of their sport. As the USOC (United States Olympic Committee) recognized National Governing Body for DanceSport in the United States, USA Dance supports all athletes’ right to participate in and practice their sport. These values are enshrined in the Olympic Charter, United States law, USOC bylaws and basic notions of fair play and non-discrimination.” 6-19-14

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