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2014 National Chapter Conference

Mar 6 - 9, 2014

Our sixth National Chapter Conference March 6-9, 2014 at the Hilton Airport Hotel in Irvine/Orange County CA.

Hosted by USA Dance Chapters - Los Angeles, Orange County & Inland Empire

Hand in Hand - Together We Can!

The 2014 National Chapter Conference will be held at the Hilton in Orange County CA. Make arrangements with the hotel and sign up on line to secure your place. It is a great way to acquire the skills needed to run a successful USA Dance chapter.

What are your board members supposed to be doing? Come learn how to get them enthused about participating in the chapter functions. This conference is a great way to expand your knowledge, meet new friends and have lots of fun. Prepare a checklist to help you set your goals and priorities for the conference.

Getting There: Register for the hotel; book your travel and transportation plans. (Each chapter will receive 50% rebate for transportation for one participant).What to Bring: A sweater or jacket (it can get chilly inside the classrooms), a nice outfit for the evening dances, notebook, paper and pens, business cards, chapter newsletters and don’t forget your DANCE SHOES.

Plan ahead because your time is limited, you will need to prioritize your tasks.

Seminars: The backbone and primary reason for the conference is, of course, the seminars - most of which offer you important information to make your chapter stronger.

Highlights: Come learn and have fun! I am looking forward to meeting you.

Take your chapter to new heights.

Training is only as good as the plan you have for implementing it. There are main strategies you can use. Turn what you learned at the conference into action. Research shows that unless you use a new idea within 24 hours of learning it, you'll probably forget what you have learned.

Set goals: To get the most out of the program, be clear on what you intend to gain. You are much more likely to follow through if you set goals now.
Reward yourself: There's truth to the maxim, "'what gets rewarded gets done." If your goal is to create a new system based on what you learn at the conference, celebrate when the system is in place. Whatever you do, don't let your progress go unnoticed - even if you're the only one who's noticing!

Give yourself the incentive you need to practice what you learn. Ask, "How does this apply to me?" Relate what you learn to yourself. And don't settle for 'abstract knowledge.' Keep your current circumstances, conflicts and interests foremost in your mind. As you learn new approaches and techniques, relate them to your own situation. You’ll be amazed at how easily and quickly you'll implement new ideas when you know exactly where to put them in action.

Enjoy yourself: Come relaxed and you'll leave refreshed, inspired and recharged. Put your worries on hold for the next few days. This is your time. Get all you can out of it and have a great experience!

Congratulations ... for making this investment in your Chapters development.

Now relax, open your mind and get ready to become more effective.

The 2014 Presenters (alphabetical order):

STAN ANDREWS. Past Corporate Secretary

  • “Dealing Successfully With Chapter Conflicts – You Can Bet On Death, Taxes and Chapter Conflicts”

MICHAEL BROCKS. Corporate Treasurer, New Presenter

  • “Protecting Our 501c3 NonProfit Exempt Status – A Must For Chapter Treasurers”

Stan Andrews, DanceSport National Registrar & Eligibility Committee Chair

  • “How To Run A Successful Chapter DanceSport Competition”

BOBBI JO GAMACHE. District _3_ Coordinator

  • “Neutrality Yields Harmony – What Is Neutrality and How We Can Obtain In:

AMY LORD. New Presenter

  • “The Power of Effective Recognition – Retaining Volunteers Through This Simple Process”
  • 19 years as Performance Enhancement Expert for College & Professional Athletes, Police, SWAT Teams & Soldiers.

BEN MOSELEY. USA Dance Webmaster/Dance Notions

  • “National Web Marketing Program – Explore Best Practices and Strategies”

MARTA PASCALE. District 9 Coordinator

  • “Grow Your Membership, Recruit and Retain – Others Have Done It and You Can Too”

ANGELA PRINCE. Volunteer PR Director/Publisher/Editor In Chief, American Dancer Magazine

  • “The New American Dancer Magazine – New Directions & Opportunities”
  • “Maximizing Public Relations Strategically For Your Chapter – It’s Showtime!”
  • “The Social Media Mixer – Good Partners, Bad Partners & Three-Quarter Timing”

GREG WARNER. Corporate Secretary, New Presenter

  • “Conflict of Interest Policy – Does Your Chapter Have One? Do You Need One?” This session will discusscase studies to discuss appropriate methods for disclosure and management of conflicts.

Other Conference Details:

Q&A SESSION: Meet The Newly Elected National Officers.

  • President Yang Chen, VP Shawn Fisher, Secretary Greg Warner and Treasurer Michael Brocks.

SOCIAL TIME: Evening dinner dances & performances planned every night.

CONFERENCE COST: $195 registration fee, includes meals.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: To help defray costs, one member from each chapter is allotted a 50% reimbursement from National toward their travel expenses. Contact your Area Coordinator if you need more assistance.

Register now

Full Registration fee $195.
One day registration $105. either Fri or Sat.
The full registration includes meals and seminars for Friday and Saturday. A one-day registration includes meals and seminars for the one day you select.

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  • Friday Only
  • Saturday Only
  • Full Registration

Questions? Contact Jean Krupa, VP Social Dance email:

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