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National Ballroom Dance Week

Sep 19 - 28, 2014

An annual week-long extravaganza of social dances, shows, exhibitions and lessons.
USA Dance Chapters,independent dance clubs, studios, instructors and vendors create and conduct special events for the public to foster increased awareness of ballroom dancing. NBDW™ provides an opportunity to educate the public about the physical, mental and social benefits of ballroom dancing .

The Five Working Hands of National Ballroom Dance Week™ Action:


All hands working in concert to enhance Balloom Dancing and to bring more of it to the public!

Download the "NBDW™ information and share with chapter members, other dance clubs, studios, instructors, in short - everyone who may have an interest in ballroom dancing.

To find events scheduled for NBDW in your area, check our list of chapters. Many chapters provide a direct link to their own websites where events are listed or have an email contact to allow you to send an inquiry directly to them.

If there is a chapter listed but no direct contact link, call our Central Office (800-447-9047) for the name and phone number of the local chapter contact.

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