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USA Dance Awards Volunteer & Chapter of the Year 2013/2014

USA Dance Awards Volunteer & Chapter of the Year 2013/2014
Yang Chen, President, USA Dance; Carol Davis; Robert White; Jean Krupa, Social VP, USA Dance


Carol Davis is a member of the Southwest FL Chapter # 6049 in District 9 and has been involved with USA Dance for 10 years. Her outstanding contributions this year include supporting a special needs group of people in her local community. She received nominations and recommendations not only from the members in her chapter but from other individuals as well.

In the local community working with the special populations group she instructed 45 individuals on Monday mornings and 27 adults in the afternoon. Her work is most admirable. At an intermediate care facility she put together a dance routine that the inhabitants performed as part of a fashion show.

Carol has attended chapter sponsored dace workshops and even learned the lead in order to partner the extra women. She has also spread her wings to enter a few chapter run competitions.

She knows the value of PR and documentation of activities and has garnered a lot of publicity for her chapter and ballroom dancing in general.

She manages her time so efficiently that she has helped coordinate outreach events and special holiday parties. The award is all about what she has done this past year but it should be noted that she served as chapter President from 2005-2009. With her Happy Feet Dance team she has performed at numerous outreach events. Congratulations!

CHAPTER OF THE YEAR From District 8 -
Greater Memphis TN USA Dance Chapter # 2012, Robert White, President

This chapter has 132 members, a number it has sustained over the years. They have an average attendance at their dances of 123 which is above the national average for this size chapter. They hold a monthly dance and weekly chapter sponsored group lessons. Their PR is phenomenal. They actively cross promote in their community and gain exposure on television, in newspapers and other media to promote their dances, special charity events and outreach performances.

Visitors are made to feel welcome and a part of their dance family and the friendly atmosphere allows them to retain their existing members. In addition to their monthly dances they held 9 special events, three of which are black tie events and one of those events raised funds this year in the amount of $3000.

A creative feature at their monthly dances is a printed dance program which includes a playlist of the songs and dance styles for the evening.

In short they do everything recommended to make a chapter successful and this clearly demonstrates the formula works.

They do it with style and a great team of volunteers. Congratulations!


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USA Dance Awards Volunteer & Chapter of the Year 2013/2014 (usa-dance-awards-volunteer-and-chapter-of-the-year-2013-2014.pdf) USA Dance Awards Volunteer & Chapter of the Year 2013/2014
Congratulations! Volunteer of the year Carol Davis from Southwest FL Chapter 6049 and Chapter of the Year, Greater Memphis TN Chapter # 2012, Robert White, President [Download]
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