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USA Dance Awards Volunteer & Chapter of the Year 2014/2015

USA Dance Awards Volunteer & Chapter of the Year 2014/2015

Volunteer of the Year 2014-15 from District 3

Anna Kovalyova

Anna Kovalyova is from District 3, Heartland Chapter # 2022, and has been selected USA Dance National Volunteer of the Year.

Anna represents the heart and soul of the ballroom community.

She is a dedicated member committed to engaging others to participate, whether it be for chapter dances, outreach or charity events.

Her efforts have helped build a united harmonious dance community among studio owners and USA Dance.

She greets members and newcomers alike at chapter dancers, recognizes and solicits volunteers for many outreach events and charitable functions. She is an arduous organizer of many chapter fundraisers, workshops and special events and, through her efforts, has helped to strengthen the vision and image of USA Dance.

Her belief, "If people are having a good time, they will be back", has encouraged members to participate in outreach and exhibitions sponsored by the chapter.

Congratulations, Anna!

​National Chapter of the Year 2014-15 from District 7

Dallas TX Chapter # 5044

The Dallas Texas Chapter #5044 is led by President Diane Montgomery. They have a membership of nearly 200 and a strong board that averages 32 chapter dances a year.

When you go to a Dallas Chapter dance you will be greeted when you enter; you receive a playlist for the evening, plus you will receive all sorts of information on their upcoming events. Their dances are held at two different venues, and on alternating Friday and Saturday nights.

They never stop promoting USA Dance, and when they go out into the community they plan fun dances to keep the crowd engaged.

They also have an excellent rapport with the instructors, inviting them to attend at no charge when bringing students to a dance.

They have several special events throughout the year, a Showcase event, Anniversary Dance, and several Charity fundraisers.

They have had several members attend all of the National Chapter Conferences and hosted the 2012 Conference.

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