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USA Dance Remembers Peter Pover

Wednesday, June 5, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Herb McGurk
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USA Dance Remembers Peter Pover


USA Dance and the world of dance lost a very good friend recently. Peter Pover, past president of USA Dance, passed away on Monday, May 13, 2019 after suffering a brain aneurysm a week earlier. Mr. Pover served as USA Dance President on several occasions. He was president from 1988 to 1993, 2008-2009 and again in 2016. He also held other important roles in USA Dance.


Peter was as avid amateur ballroom competitor. His passion for dancing led him to his many roles within US Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association (USABDA), now USA Dance. He was instrumental in gaining Olympic recognition of DanceSport. In my mind, he more than any other epitomizes USA Dance.


Those who knew him better than I knew of his love for cooking, golfing, playing bridge and chess. He loved to travel and spoke four languages fluently – English, French, German and Arabic.


I would like to share one of my limited experiences with Peter. I first met Peter at one of our National Championships. I was thrilled to meet him and even more thrilled to sit with him and share a glass of wine. Peter graciously responded to my many questions about the early days of USA Dance. He shared his experiences with its growth and his dreams for its future. It was clear USA Dance was a significant part of his life and, whether he was an officer or not, he was deeply concerned with its future.


One of the stories he shared with me, I think he probably shared many times over. Peter worked with a lawyer friend of his to re-draft the USA Dance bylaws (then USABDSA) in 1984. This was to move the organization from a social type non-profit to a public charity so tax-deductible donations could be accepted. He asked me if I knew what USA Dance


and the Barber Shop Quartet organizations had in common. Of course, I didn’t. With a twinkle in his eye, Peter explained that the lawyer he was working with at the time used the Barber Shop Quartet organization, that had 501(c)(3) status to gain this status for us.


As we go through life, especially later in life, it is common to reflect upon our lives and any legacy we may leave. For many of us it is family, for some, businesses that have been started, nurtured and grown. For Peter, it is clear to me, his legacy is USA Dance. He cared deeply for this organization. He mentioned to me that when he saw USA Dance struggle, it pained him much like a parent who has to witness his or her child suffer.


I would ask each of us as USA Dance members to reflect on Peter’s legacy and ask ourselves what we are doing to preserve and grow his legacy.


For our chapters who Peter also worked to grow, perhaps at your next dance, you could offer a few moments of silence to recognize Peter and his many contributions to USA Dance. Perhaps we could do the same at our next competitions as well.


Peter, rest in peace. You will always be in my thoughts as I work to continue your legacy.


Greg Warner, Senior VP

on behalf of USA Dance Inc. Governing Council



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