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Dean Abraham

Dean Abraham
Candidate for Secretary

My name is Dean Abraham I have lived in America for ten years . British by birth but now an American Citizen.

I have been involved in the Dance Profession in various capacities over many years both administratively, and as a high level competitor and coach.

Most involved in USA Dance will know my involvement to date as a coach and adjudicator, having trained couples at National Training Camps and having judged the 2018 and 2019 USA Dance Nationals. Few will know the roles that I have carried out in England prior to arriving in the USA.

I worked in the role of Company Secretary and Managing Director at Dance Options the famous organization in England where the World's elite dancers train. During my time with Dance Options it was my responsibility to ensure that all company records, minutes and company information were accurately recorded and made available at all times for shareholders and members.  Also to promote the company to competitors and organization's Worldwide and assist in arranging promotional activities. I held this position from 1993-2008.

I also acted in a secretarial role for the Membership Director of the World renown Ballroom Dancers Federation. This was a position that I held for three years, preparing records for the Federations executive committee and membership.

As a result of my endeavors within the dancing community I was asked by the Blackpool Dance Festival to assist as their competitors liaison officer. I was their liaison between the competitors and the Festival organizers,  a position that I proudly held from 2003 to 2009, before moving to the USA.

Shortly after arriving in America I joined USA Dance as I saw, and still see the importance of the organization's role to promote and provide dance at every level in Social, School, Collegiate, Competitive and Professional areas; each of these hold an important role within a successful organization, and all are vital to solidify USA Dance's future success.

From 2013 to 2017 I was asked to teach ballroom in the education system in Florida at a successful Charter Middle and High School, Manatee School for the Arts in Palmetto. 

During my time at the school I was able, with assistance from my colleagues, to attract and encourage over 600 students in to a Ballroom program. With help from funds we raised from the schools 501.c.3 status it was also possible to train the elite in the program to compete successfully. The program continues to thrive.

I am passionate about helping our organization . I sincerely hope that by offering my services as secretary I might be able to help in an efficient way, keeping everyone updated and informed, so that collectively we might feel a sense of engagement that has recently,I feel, been lost.

If elected, I shall strive to reunite all sections within our organization and engage the membership so that together we might generate something quite special for the future of Dance within USA Dance.

Dean Abraham

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