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Lev Vesnovskiy

Lev Vesnovskiy
Candidate for Professional Vice President

To describe my vision of what should be the main focus of Vice President for Professional Dance, under current USA Dance circumstances, I can use only one word – Development!

  • Developing PD competitive structure that will attract professional competitors to USA Dance
  • Developing and adapting AJS to syllabus level competitions.
  • Developing Adjudicators training system to make AJS real practical judging system widely used if not on all, but on the most USA Dance competitions.
  • Developing of the collaboration between Chapters and USA Dance professionals.
  • Developing judging systems for non-traditional dance competition categories, where the traditional judging criteria are not applicable: wheelchairs, same-sex and/or gender-neutral, etc.

I have strong opinion that all the things listed above will increase the attraction to USA Dance from professional dancers, officials, amateur and collegian competitors, social dancers and, as the result, sponsors.

Couple words about me.

I was born on June 23rd, 1965 in Siberia, Russia.

After graduating the high school in 1982 I started studying Physics in one of the leading Russian State University.

While I was a student in the university as was drafted to army for two years. 

I returned to study after I was released from the service. 

After the getting BS in Physics I started to work in Nuclear Lab and, in parallel, finished my MS in Computer Science.

Currently, I am working in Citigroup Financial Research IT department leading a team of developers globally distributed in USA, Canada, India and China.


Back in Russia and besides my “main” job, I volunteered as the director of dance sport development committee in the regional dance sport federation - over 50 dance sport clubs with about 2500 competitors. I’ve developed the syllabus for the competitions, the invigilation system and proficiency point system for our federation.  Later, all my developments were adopted by Russian Dance Sport Federation.

My wife and I established the first in Russia the department of Ballroom Choreography as part of the formal 4-year college education. We have developed and compiled all the curriculums and study materials required by the State regulations. My biggest achievement in this area and what I am really proud about is the Russian version of Latin Technique of W. Laired adapted to the terminology, slang and mentality of the Russian “no English speaking” dance sport society of that time.

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Photography on Home Page

Hero 1 - Mike & Rose-Ann Lynch - Nationals 2018 Photography by Lisa Dubinsky

Hero 2 - USA Dance Los Angeles Chapter Dance - Photography by Jerry Hernandez

Hero 3 - Nationals 2016 - Photography by Carson Zullinger

Hero 4 - Team USA - WDSF World Sr. IV Standard, Nagano, Japan Courtesy of Winston Chow

Carousel 1 - Adult Latin Nationals 2018 - Photography by Lisa Dubinksy

Carousel 2 - Nationals 2018 - Photography by Lisa Dubinsky

Carousel 3 - NCDC 2018 - Photography by Lisa Dubinsky

Carousel 4 - CFC 2018 - Photography by Calvin Long

Carousel 5 - Minnesota Chapter Flash Mob - Photography by David Chin