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National Ballroom Dance Week
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September 18-27, 2020

USA Dance has a new logo to promote National Ballroom Dance Week.

Chapters and the public are encouraged to use this new logo to help promote awareness of National Ballroom Dance Week.

Help make it a week to remember in your community. Dancers, contact the chapter nearest you for details on events scheduled to celebrate NBDW™! See the “Find a Chapter” page for a list of Chapters by state. Click on chapter name for an option to email them directly or visit their website.

National Ballroom Dance Week™ will be here before you know it. It is never too soon to think about how your Chapter will participate in this special week long celebration of ballroom dance.

Right now you may be asking yourself, “Why should we do anything special for NBDW™?”

There are two reasons I can think of – the first is to share with others what we enjoy so much –ballroom dancing.

Secondly, this is an occasion where we cannot only celebrate, but promote dancing in general and USA Dance in particular. It is a great opportunity to increase membership and participation in dancing in your community.

We encourage chapters who have never done anything special to recognize this week by trying just one new thing. It could be a raffle, free passes to future dances, or free admission for anyone who brings a first-time guest, to mention a few. Many chapters go “all out” to celebrate with a dance every night, often with each offering a different theme. Chapters hold dances in malls, community centers, and parks – they advertise or arrange to have feature articles written in the local paper about ballroom dancing. They offer free lessons, and do demonstrations in nursing homes, schools, festivals and other public venues.

Films like “Mad Hot Ballroom” and “Shall We Dance” were extremely popular. ABC broadcast of “Dancing With The Stars” has been a huge hit sparking lots of interest in learning to dance, particularly with the 18-49 age group. Start now, use the current media attention as a springboard for promoting ballroom dancing in your community.

Integrating dance films and TV shows into the weeklong celebration is an interesting way to promote dancing in your area.
Here’s to celebration and happy dancing feet.

An annual week-long extravaganza of social dances, shows, exhibitions and lessons.

USA Dance Chapters,independent dance clubs, studios, instructors and vendors create and conduct special events for the public to foster increased awareness of ballroom dancing. NBDW™ provides an opportunity to educate the public about the physical, mental and social benefits of ballroom dancing .

The Five Working Hands of National Ballroom Dance Week™ Action:


All hands working in concert to enhance Balloom Dancing and to bring more of it to the public!

Download the “NBDW™ information on this page and share with chapter members, other dance clubs, studios, instructors, in short – everyone who may have an interest in ballroom dancing.

To find events scheduled for NBDW in your area, check our list of chapters. Many chapters provide a direct link to their own websites where events are listed or have an email contact to allow you to send an inquiry directly to them.

If there is a chapter listed but no direct contact link, call our Central Office (800-447-9047) for the name and phone number of the local chapter contact.

Plan early! The NBDW™ date for this year is:

  • September 18-27, 2020


NBDW™ is designed to have two anchor possibilities — the two weekends that bracket the week. The first day, Friday, is used to introduce people to NBDW™ and start the rhythm of events. Then comes the first weekend anchor, possibly for comps, exhibitions, grand dances. Then into the intervening week, most studios throw open their doors for free lessons and attendance; vendors make attractive offers; municipalities and businesses provide space, malls; and other like facilities agree to exhibitions and public instructions; shows, exhibition and fun-dancing are done in senior homes, hospitals, hospices, schools, colleges, and all other places found. The ingenuity, creativity, passionate commitment, and hard work of the amateurs pull it all together and make it happen. Then comes the Grand Finale Weekend, and possibly one of the biggest dance events in the area for the year. The public has seen and experienced the fun, sociability, rhythms, wholesomeness, and enjoyment of ballroom dancing.

If your chapter isn’t engaged in NBDW™ now, or conducts a minimal one, think about a dynamite week in your area where USA Dance Chapters gain community recognition and enjoy increased membership, studios will see more customers, and vendors will sell more dancing wares and services. The public will think of ballroom dancing as an wonderful way for people of all ages to enjoy meeting new friends and benefit from exercise that is great fun. The time to start is NOW. Make your calls, make your plans, talk to others to share ideas and experience. Bring imagination, dedication, hard work, and love for dancing – create a dancing explosion in your area.

The Parties of the NBDW™ Mix

The working concept of NBDW™, which has been so successful over the past years, is one of equal participation and “mutual effort.” No one sector of the mix is dominant or “in charge.” If any of the parties become dictatorial or overly aggressive in the activities, NBDW™ in that area will fall apart and fail in the current year and there will probably be no next. However, with some areas of historic adversity in the dance world, NBDW™ gives all the chance to truly work together on a mutual basis and beneficially build and bond.

The Amateurs

While ALL amateurs are invited and welcome, the “engine” behind NBDW™ is the membership and chapters of USA Dance. They have advantage over other amateurs in that they are more informed in regards to the dance scene in the country. They also have the advantage in not appearing as “exploiting” the week for their own good. With the Amateur Dancers and the many fine Chapter Newsletters, concept, experience and successes are communicated and swapped between the many areas throughout the country. The amateurs have been the workers that collate, schedule and promote the NBDW™ calendar in the area. Professionals, studios, media and municipalities then play great part in spreading the scheduled word.

The Professionals

There are many professionals “on the circuit” without an established location. These good people are as important as the “studio-based” pros. They have given freely of their time to lead and teach in public places such as corporate facilities, libraries and other governmental facilities. Without advertising for students, their unqualified participation has led to new students from an increased pool. They might contact senior centers, restaurants, lounges, hotels, halls, high schools, colleges, etc., to offer to give free dance classes during NBDW™. Their activity during NBDW will in all probability gain many students in the future.

The Studios

The studios most benefited from NBDW™ are those that hold “open house” throughout NBDW, welcoming in everyone at no-cost or near no-cost. Group lessons, parties and hospitable attitude create a favorable “floor-traffic” that introduces many new people to location, personnel and ambiance of the studio. In this way the public at large sees the studio in its very best light and as part of the excitement of the time. Make the location a “center” for information, dance exhibitions, show-cases, free group lessons.

The Media

Anyone who has worked with the media-TV, radio, newsprint or magazine-knows that it is a mercurial situation at best. Much work and contact must be done to build a relationship with any sector of the media, and then a “more important breaking item” can still knock you from coverage. The important aspect is to strive for coverage before, during and after NBDW™. The various areas of media have become more inclined to give notice to ballroom dancing, develop contacts with them early and “make it easy” for them to cover your events.

The Municipalities

Be sure to get the Mayor and the Mayor’s office on your side. Obtain dance lessons for them if possible, so he/she can dance at NBDW™. Check with libraries and other facilities for possible rooms, events and willing personnel. Obtain proclamation for NBDW from the Mayor and your Governor. Publicize it widely.


Guidelines for Scheduling a Successful National Ballroom Dance Week Celebration

While all are welcome to join in the celebration of National Ballroom Dance Week (NBDW™), it frequently is the local USA Dance chapter that initiates the idea, establishes an organizing committee and works with others in the dance community to make it a reality. Basic requirements are simply a willingness to take action and a desire to get the public involved in ballroom dancing.

To begin the process, at your next board meeting, discuss ways in which your chapter could participate in NBDW™ and identify several members who are willing to work on the organizing committee to make your NBDW™ celebration a success.

There is no special place to bring the public to ballroom dancing during NBDW™. Ingenious organizers have sponsored ballroom dancing in shopping malls, hotel lobbies, ferry boats, libraries, government facilities, recreation halls, churches, dance studios, college and high-school facilities, parking lots, corporate facilities, the streets, public squares, senior homes, community buildings, hospitals, furniture store aisles, at community fairs, in short, every place there are people.

Enthusiastic and dependable volunteers will be responsible for the following:

Calendar of Events During National Ballroom Dance Week

Set up and maintain a calendar of dance events in your area celebrating National Ballroom Dance Week. The calendar could be included on the USA Dance chapter website for easy access by the public.

Outreach to Potential Participants

Contact instructors, studios, and dance clubs inviting them to join in the fun and add an event to the NBDW™ Calendar, for example, free dance lessons, social dances, public demonstrations, showcases, workshops, seminars. Any idea that revolves around ballroom dancing is a good idea. Contact local businesses and encourage their participation by donating door prizes for your special event. Include a donors’ page in your calendar or program to promote their generosity and support of ballroom dancing.


Visually chronicle NBDW™ events to supply local media with photographs and information.

Promote & Communicate

  • Make contact with the Mayor and/or Governor for proclamations recognizing National Ballroom Dance Week. Invite them to attend some of the scheduled events.
  • Set up an information table or booth, when appropriate, to share information about USA Dance and the local dance community. Educate people about the mission of USA Dance and let them know how they can become members and join the fun.
  • Provide the events calendar and information about the purpose of NBDW™ to local media and invite them to attend and to report on the events.
  • Submit press releases and photos to the media for follow up coverage.

Finishing Up

Write letters of thanks and appreciation to those who gave of themselves during the event. Start planting the seeds for next year’s participation in NBDW™.


Meet to review successes and challenges, what to replicate and what to improve for next time, and to discuss whether the increased awareness led to new members.


Create a file on all events that were held to include lists of contacts, copies of flyers, press coverage, photos, and details on the events to make the next event bigger and better.

Questions? 800-332-NBDW

Call a sister USA DANCE Chapter and ask the NBDW Committee to share experience and information with you.

Photography on Home Page

Hero 1 - Mike & Rose-Ann Lynch - Nationals 2018 Photography by Lisa Dubinsky

Hero 2 - USA Dance Los Angeles Chapter Dance - Photography by Jerry Hernandez

Hero 3 - Nationals 2016 - Photography by Carson Zullinger

Hero 4 - Team USA - WDSF World Sr. IV Standard, Nagano, Japan Courtesy of Winston Chow

Carousel 1 - Adult Latin Nationals 2018 - Photography by Lisa Dubinksy

Carousel 2 - Nationals 2018 - Photography by Lisa Dubinsky

Carousel 3 - NCDC 2018 - Photography by Lisa Dubinsky

Carousel 4 - CFC 2018 - Photography by Calvin Long

Carousel 5 - Minnesota Chapter Flash Mob - Photography by David Chin