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USA DAnce chapters

USA Dance Inc chapters are located in communities all over the United States. The basic purpose of each Chapter is to promote ballroom dancing in the local community and to educate the public regarding the physical, mental, and social benefits of ballroom dancing. Chapters welcome beginner dancers and help them get started in ballroom dancing. Talented dancers are encouraged to become DanceSport Athlete competitors.

Chapters promote and sponsor amateur ballroom dancing for competitors, social dancers, and the general public. They work toward the recognition of ballroom dancing as an art form, a lifetime recreational activity and an Olympic sport. Chapters strive to bring the joy and the benefits of ballroom dancing to as many people as possible.

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Photography by Jerry Hernandez


Chapter Activities

The basic purpose of each USA Dance Inc. chapter is to promote the growth of ballroom dancing as both a lifetime recreational activity and as a sport. Chapters serve as the leader and focal point of ballroom dancing in their community and strive to educate the public regarding the physical, mental and social benefits of ballroom dancing.

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Bonnie Burton - District Director 2


USA Dance Districts

The geographic regions of the country have been divided into eleven Districts to allow National USA Dance Inc. officials to provide strong support for Chapters in our network. Each District has a Director who will be guided by the Director of Chapter Relations as they provide assistance to Chapters.

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James River ROTC Richmond Chapter


How to Start a Chapter

Thank you for your interest in developing a USA Dance Chapter in your community.

First, it is important to understand that a USA Dance Chapter is much more than just a local social dance club that hosts a few dances each year. Please review the Activities of Chapters. Then consider the following advantages or benefits of being a USA Dance Chapter.

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Chicago DanceSport Photography by Tony Eng


Get Started Dancing

Typically a new dancer will start as a social dancer, attracted by enjoying dance at a social event, witnessing a TV show, yearning for more “social” in their social life – or being talked into it by a spouse, friend or relative. A small percentage of social dancers later find that their love of dance compels them to become competitive dancers or DanceSport Athletes.

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Sharon Pritchard & Rick Meinecke

Social Dance Network

You will find many profits, many benefits, and many enhancements to life if ballroom dancing is your avocation, pastime, or hobby. You will find an enhanced appreciation of music and its rhythms. You will experience an increased sense of balance, and a more fluid movement in walking and running.

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Social Dance Mission

Our mission is to “increase the quantity and the quality of ballroom dance in the United States.” We do this by organizing and supporting programs for the recreational enjoyment of ballroom dancing by people of all ages and to create affordable opportunities for the general public to participate in ballroom dancing in communities all across the country.

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Leland Whitney - Social Vice President


Social Dance Council

The Social Dance Council (SDC) is made up of the Social Vice President, Director of Chapter Relations and District Directors. The Council is responsible for Chapter Training and Support and Social Dance Activities at competitions and other Regional and National events..

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Important USA Dance programs include the support and establishment of chapters throughout the country.  Here are a few Frequently Asked Question about USA Dance.

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 The goal of each chapter is to serve the national mission on a grassroots level, as a leader and a motivation for ballroom dance activities in the community, colleges and schools. A significant portion of USA Dance's resources is devoted to promoting, organizing and supporting ballroom dancing programs for youth and collegiate dancers.
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Dallas Chapter


Photography on Home Page

Hero 1 - Mike & Rose-Ann Lynch - Nationals 2018 Photography by Lisa Dubinsky

Hero 2 - USA Dance Los Angeles Chapter Dance - Photography by Jerry Hernandez

Hero 3 - Nationals 2016 - Photography by Carson Zullinger

Hero 4 - Team USA - WDSF World Sr. IV Standard, Nagano, Japan Courtesy of Winston Chow

Carousel 1 - Adult Latin Nationals 2018 - Photography by Lisa Dubinksy

Carousel 2 - Nationals 2018 - Photography by Lisa Dubinsky

Carousel 3 - NCDC 2018 - Photography by Lisa Dubinsky

Carousel 4 - CFC 2018 - Photography by Calvin Long

Carousel 5 - Minnesota Chapter Flash Mob - Photography by David Chin