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Social Dance Council
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Social Dance Council

Leland Whitney, Vice President Social Dance Council

Don Davenport, Director Chapter Relations


John Raby, Director District 1
Bonnie Burton, Director District 2
Thomas Hirata, Director District 3
Bill Heron, Director District 4
Ken Pandozzi, Director District 5
Herbert McGurk, Director District 6
Diane Montgomery, Director District 7
Lori Yuzenko, Director District 8
Don Davenport, Director District 9
Lolita Brawner, Asst Director District 9
Rosemary Farrell. Director District 10
John Reinhold. Director District 11


SOCIAL DANCE COUNCIL: The Social Dance Council (SDC) is made up of the Social Vice President, Director of Chapter Relations and District Directors. The Council is responsible for Chapter Training and Support and Social Dance Activities at competitions and other Regional and National events.

[download social dance council organizational chart]

TRAINING AND EDUCATION COMMITTEE MISSION STATEMENT: Increase the quantity and quality of all styles of social dancing through education, training and motivational opportunities offered at all levels of the organization.


  • Dance Training
    • Teachers – Chapter Volunteer & Local professionals Members
  • Chapter Training
    • Chapter Management
    • Chapter Website
    • Recruiting – Volunteers and Members
    • Marketing
    • Social Media Event Planning
  • Expanding Horizons
    • Community Involvement
    • Attracting new dancers
    • Sponsorships Fundraising
    • Developing the ‘Win – Win’

Chair: Don Davenport, (contact)

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE MISSION STATEMENT: Increase the quantity and quality of all styles of social dancing nationwide by maximizing the use of communication channels to better deliver USA Dance brand and mission.


  • Membership Communications
    • National News
    • Activities
    • Feedback
    • Events
  • Chapter Communications
    • National News
    • National Initiatives
    • Best Practices
    • Success Stories
    • Feedback
  • General Public
    • USA Dance Mission
    • Health Benefits
    • Social Benefits
    • Why you should dance
    • Why you should be a member

Chair (Temporary): Leland Whitney, (contact)

ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS COMMITTEE MISSION STATEMENT: To support, plan, and coordinate events and activities of the Social Dance Council.


  • National Events
    • National Chapter Conference
    • National Training
  • District Events
    • District Meetings
    • District Level Training
  • Chapter Events
    • Supporting Chapter Events

Chair (Temporary): Leland Whitney, (contact)

Photography on Home Page

Hero 1 - Mike & Rose-Ann Lynch - Nationals 2018 Photography by Lisa Dubinsky

Hero 2 - USA Dance Los Angeles Chapter Dance - Photography by Jerry Hernandez

Hero 3 - Nationals 2016 - Photography by Carson Zullinger

Hero 4 - Team USA - WDSF World Sr. IV Standard, Nagano, Japan Courtesy of Winston Chow

Carousel 1 - Adult Latin Nationals 2018 - Photography by Lisa Dubinksy

Carousel 2 - Nationals 2018 - Photography by Lisa Dubinsky

Carousel 3 - NCDC 2018 - Photography by Lisa Dubinsky

Carousel 4 - CFC 2018 - Photography by Calvin Long

Carousel 5 - Minnesota Chapter Flash Mob - Photography by David Chin