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Igor Golovach

Igor golovach
Candidate for DanceSport Delegate

I started dancing at the age of 5 years old, and my dancing journey has brought me many bright memories, unforgettable emotions and many amazing people who have helped me become who I am today, people from who I still get inspired. For me, being a part of this DanceSport World is like living a dream. Since the very beginning, Ballroom Dancing took the biggest part of my life and every decision that I made was based on dancing as my priority. After high school, I went to college and finished with a bachelor’s degree in Health & Physical Education. In 2015, I moved to the U.S. to continue following my dream. Here, I started a new partnership with Michelle-Angela Blank, who 3 years later became my wife. For this not long period of time, this partnership took us around the world to the most beautiful and distinguished competitions from where we became 3-time U.S Vice-Champions, 2019 WDSF World ShowDance Finalists, and top 3 finalists of various WDSF events internationally. Besides our competitive career, we created several projects for the World of DanceSport. In 2015, we launched the first ever online encyclopedia of DanceSport ( and within the first 2 years, received views and readers from over 200 countries each and every month. In 2017, we became certified instructors with the NADTA. In 2018, we opened DanceSport Studio (DSS) in NJ and in 2020, extended it to our second location in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am also one of the initiators and creators of “The Art of DanceSport Training System” as well as the creator of the media broadcasting channel, DSS Productions and two series, The Life of a Dancer and DanceSport – Stay United.

Right now my life mission is to share the beauty of the DanceSport world with as many people as possible and to give an opportunity to the new generations to live the life of a dream, the same opportunity that I was given.


In becoming a USA Dance Delegate, I will be helpful in:

  1. Enhancing the system of education for children to make them more excited and motivated to start dancing.
  2. Extending the horizons for those children who are already in this industry, showing them how big and massive the world of DanceSport truly is, especially in WDSF as I truly believe that one day, DanceSport will be in the Olympic Games.
  3. Making the senior dancers dream big as this industry gives opportunity to reach for the highest desires at any age.
  4. Making USA Dance the biggest and the strongest federation, not just in the U.S., but throughout the world within the next 3-5 years.
  5. Spreading extensive knowledge about any and all USA Dance activities all over the world with the use of our online encyclopedia and media broadcasting channel, which will help bring the popularity of DanceSport on a different level here in the U.S.
  6. Making sure that each USA Dance member is essential to the USA Dance Federation and that everything that is being done, is done for the greater benefit of that member.
  7. Making the USA Dance World Team widely recognized in the World Arena.


As a delegate, I will be able to help transform this industry for the greater benefits of the USA Dance Federation and all of its members and participants. 

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Photography on Home Page

Hero 1 - Mike & Rose-Ann Lynch - Nationals 2018 Photography by Lisa Dubinsky

Hero 2 - USA Dance Los Angeles Chapter Dance - Photography by Jerry Hernandez

Hero 3 - Nationals 2016 - Photography by Carson Zullinger

Hero 4 - Team USA - WDSF World Sr. IV Standard, Nagano, Japan Courtesy of Winston Chow

Carousel 1 - Adult Latin Nationals 2018 - Photography by Lisa Dubinksy

Carousel 2 - Nationals 2018 - Photography by Lisa Dubinsky

Carousel 3 - NCDC 2018 - Photography by Lisa Dubinsky

Carousel 4 - CFC 2018 - Photography by Calvin Long

Carousel 5 - Minnesota Chapter Flash Mob - Photography by David Chin