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Rog Greenawalt

Rog Greenawalt
Candidate for Secretary

I am Rog Greenawalt and I am interested in serving as USA Dance National Secretary. 

I have served as a DanceSport Delegate for 15 years.  Due to the postponement of Nationals I was unable to qualify for that position in time for this year’s elections. 

The secretary is a very vital role for USA Dance.  The secretary has the “visible” duties of taking minutes, distributing them along with other materials for meetings, and assisting the president.  In addition, the secretary preps and files the appropriate documentation with states to maintain our 501c3 status in states where we are active.

The next four years will be a very crucial time for USA Dance as we work to rebuild membership of both social and competitive members.  I have spent the last 15 years heavily invested in USA Dance on both a national and a local level. 

At a national level I worked as part of the DanceSport Council and the Executive Committee, where I gained a great deal of knowledge and experience working on a number of committees.

I founded the Heartland chapter in Indianapolis in 1993, served as initial chapter president for three years and am again serving as president.  I have always served as one of the primary DJs.  The Heartland chapter hosted nearly 20 competitions between 1995 and 2013, including the 1998 National Championships, and I was an integral part of all.

As a competitor with my wife, Amy, I have won 13 National Championships in the senior divisions of Rhythm, Smooth and 9-dance.

On the side, I am co-founder of the Big Ballroom Bash (1995-current), a 501.c.3.  The Bash is a  showcase/dance fundraiser.  The event brings together dancers from many of the studios and most of the ballroom clubs in the Indianapolis area.  For the last 10 years the event has funded a program teaching Special Olympics athletes to dance and providing them an opportunity to exhibit their skills.  In addition, the Bash funds the training and entry fees for the athletes to attend an annual “special needs” dance competition held in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

For 15 years the core duty of my “day job” was the preparation and filing of actuarial documentation with more than 25 states.  I am very familiar with and comfortable working with government agencies for the preservation of our 501.c.3 status in states where we are active.

Bottom line:  For more than 15 years USA Dance has played a very significant role in my life.  I have appreciated all it has done for my life and would like to continue to “give back” by serving as National Secretary.

Rog Greenawalt

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